Inspired by her grandmother—a brilliant, bold, and often outlandish artist—Ali Macdonald founded Lark+Raven in 2014 to showcase designs that gleefully toe the line between cheeky and chic. Like the morning lark and the mischievous raven, her one-of-a-kind patterns and illustrations are a delightful blend of sweet and sometimes bawdy. In 2016, Ali introduced a custom and bridal section to her shop called Love Lore, named for her mother Florence.

Prior to creating her own bold and bright world with Sharpies, Ali got her start in the industry as a designer for Jonathan Adler. It was there that she gained experience working on products ranging from greeting cards for Paperless Post to graphics for company pillows & packaging. 

Ali resides in New York City with her muse, the ever dapper and darling dachshund Dusky.